Planting Potatoes: the definitive guide

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Planting seed potatoes is one of theĀ easiest ways you can produce your own crops from your garden.

When buying seed potatoes you should always look for a quality brand of Scottish seed potatoes as they are less likely to harbour any diseases.

JBA Seed Potatoes are Scottish seed potato suppliers and are the retail division of Jamieson Brothers of Annan.

Jamieson Brothers of Annan have been seed specialists and wholesalers since 1895 and offer one of the widest ranges of seed potatoes in the country.

All seed potatoes are supplied with European passports printed onto the labels or packaging and are inspected by highly trained government officials who ensure the seed potatoes meet a high quality status before they are passed as fit for being used as seed.

The Jamieson Brothers brand is easy to find in any good garden centre or allotment shop. Ask your local retailer if they stock JBA Seed Potatoes.

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